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j-sqaured - rps
only kissing
happy!renewed porn
written as a comment in clexmonkie's lj

Jensen let out a breath as Jared landed on his bed.
"Jare... it's six fucking thirty and we DO NOT have to work today."
"Jenjenjenjenjenjenjenjen" Jared was looming over him tapping out a beat on his chest in time with the chanting of his name.
"Getthat shit-eating grin off your face and tell me what you want" Jensenwas smiling in spite of himself, when Jared was happy it was damninfectious.
Jared laughed and shoved his mobile phone into Jensen'sface, Jensen pushed the phone back a few inches and squinted at thescreen.
sender: Kripke
Jensen gaped for a second then his world was filled with Jared as his co-star enveloped him in a bear hug.
Theywere both laughing and Jared was so clumsy Jensen wasn't even sure hemeant it when Jared's lips brushed his, but he couldn't hide his gaspof surprise.
Suddenly all the laughter drained from jared's eyes andhis hand on Jensen's arm slid higher to cup his jaw. Jared paused for asecond and then seemed to come to a decision swooping down to catchJensen's bottom lip in his. Jensen's eyes closed as jared's tongueflicked out at the seam of his lips, teasing them open to deepen thekiss. when the finally broke apart Jensen rubbed his eyes.
"I must be dreaming" he laughed.
"Nope,you're wide awake - we got renewed." Jared's excitement had subsidedbut Jensen could feel the tension in his best friend as he lay next tohim.
"And you kissed me." Jensen wasn't going to let it just go away.
"Yeah, I might do that again, if that's ok"
it's not meant to be good - i know it could be better but i'm at work!
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