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my isp is SO unreliable it's just UGH!!!
they keep saying there's nothing wrong, but if there is nothing wrong why is there NO DIAL TONE ON MY PHONE!
and now a ficlet - drabble-fragment - moment in time - whatever you want to call these things.

"Relax Sammy, just keep your eyes on the road."
"Fuck. Road, right Dean, how am I supposed to concentrate when you are... are..."
"Gun fights always get me riled up now Sammy, Just trying to loosen my load."
"It’s Sam."
"Now Sammy that’s not what you said last night. Last night you were all—"
"Oh no, I know that wasn’t the tequila talking Sammy. Not the tequila at all, begging me to call you Sammy while I fucked you six ways from Sunday. You’ve got a dirty little mouth when you want to college boy."
"You know that’s what I'm thinking about right now don’t you Sammy. I’m thinking about your dirty little mouth. And how nice it looked wrapped around my cock in that bathroom stall last night."
"DUDE! Keep your eyes on the road, you scratch my car and I swear I’m gonna—"
"Gonna what Dean? Just... Just keep it in your pants until we get to the motel."
"The motel?? That’s four hours away Sammy, I can’t wait four hours when you look so pretty."
"What? You are pretty Sammy, you’re so damn pretty when you come."
"Dean, if you don’t get back on your side of the car, scratching the paint is going to be the least of our problems."
"But Sammy, I like it so much better over here. I can put my mouth. Just. Here."
"Heh. I knew you’d like that."
"Oh god."
"Why don’t you pull over Sammy."
"Yeah, umm, GOD! Good idea."
"That’s my boy."

is it any good?
should i post it somewhere?
it's all that will come to me for my [livejournal.com profile] highwaymiles prompt.
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